September 14, 2006

Sen. Allen, Stupid or Racist?

Sen. George Allen (R-VA) was videotaped calling a young Indian man a 'macaca', a racial slur common in his neck of the woods. He then went on to make excuses, like that he said "mohawk" referring to the kid's haircut. Finally, he gave up and gave an apology.

...Allen again apologized for the remark. Then, for the first time, he expressed regret for his longtime infatuation with the Confederate flag.

"The point is, symbols matter, they should matter, and this is something that I wish I learned a lot earlier," Allen said. "Even if your heart is pure, the things you say and do and the symbols you use do matter because of the way others may take them."

Oh man. I wish you had learned earlier too George, early enough to realize you were a racist, maybe then something could have been done for you. Now, it is too late.

He hung a noose from a plant in his Charlottesville law office in the 1980s and a Confederate flag inside his home. As governor in the mid-1990s, he alienated some by signing a resolution that designated a Confederate history month in Virginia but did not acknowledge the evils of slavery.

Allen, 54, said he did not see racial overtones in the Confederate flag.

That is because you've never seen it as the end of your life, as the thing that took away your father, your mother, your son or your daughter.

He said he was a rebellious youth and viewed the banner as a "symbol against authority." As a history major at the University of Virginia in the early 1970s, he said, he also began to see the flag as a proud heritage symbol for those with ancestors from the South who fought in the Civil War.

Well, Sen. Allen, you must have been a lousy history major. The "Rebel Flag" is actually the Confederate Navy Jack and is not the flag of the Army of Virginia. You see, that flag is square. Today's flag makers like the one-size-fits-all production value of the Naval Jack. So, all you racist maroons have been flying the wrong flag because flag makers in China prefer to use a rectangle instead of a square.

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