September 06, 2006

Is Orange County going to hell or is it just the Herald

Here are some of the top stories on the website.

Drunken driver sentenced for hitting blind woman, guide dog
HILLSBOROUGH -- The man who hit and injured a blind woman and killed her guide dog was sentenced to four months in prison Tuesday in Orange County Criminal Superior Court.

Stephen Coffee stands with assistant public defender Sherri Murrell at a sentencing hearing Tuesday at the Orange County Courthouse.
The Herald-Sun/Christine T. Nguyen

Man draws 25-30 years for killing romantic rival
A judge sentenced Henry Atkins Jennings to 25 to 30¾ years in prison Tuesday for shooting and killing a romantic rival and for three other drug and weapon charges.

Woman receives judgment of $20M against killer
A judge has awarded $20 million in damages to a woman whose common-law husband killed their daughter, a friend and a toddler.

Crime Log: Shooting deemed suicide

So, what is it? Is Orange County having a rash of violent crime or is the Herald Sun turning to the popular practice of sensationalizing death?

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