September 16, 2006

Race in the Blogosphere

I was reading through the race wars going on within the blogosphere, starting over here and with a response over here. My take is probably a little different than anyone else. I wouldn't know an African-American blogger from a Swedish supermodel blogger if they smacked me in the keyboard with a flaming comment. Sorry, I read your stuff, agree or disagree, but I don't really consider race or religion unless that is the point of the post. Now, over at Pam Spaulding's place, which I used to have homepaged on my Mozilla tab, but really haven't read lately, you would be hard-pressed to miss the fact that she is an African-American. But, for instance, over at MyDD, it wasn't until the rubber-stamp video that I had any idea what any of those fellas looked like. Even at BlueNC, I've only seen Lance once, and Anglico maybe twice.

So, I guess my take on this is that perhaps the person doing the inviting was doing it based on what they liked and not out of concern for fairness to people of different races. Maybe not.

This was interesting timing because I just finished Tavis Smiley's What I Know For Sure (of which I managed to get an Advanced Reader's Copy). It was an excellent read of a man who has lead an extraordinary life. It is a perfect beach book or long weekend book or nightstand book if you have two kids, like I do. I'm left wondering how he would have handled this situation. First of all, I have this feeling that he would not have allowed himself to not be invited; as he seemed, from his own telling, to have pushed himself into every opportunity that arose. There were times when he admits that he "pulled the race card", but more often it seems that he simply outworked everyone else and pushed for what he wanted harder than anyone else. In this case, I wouldn't be surprised to see someone like Tavis Smiley calling for a minority blogger conference with the former President.

Maybe not, because after all, This Much I Do Not Know Is True.

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