September 15, 2006

And, if you think vote rigging is a thing of the past...

this from the Washington Post about the debacle in Maryland last Tuesday.

Workers on Valette's staff inexplicably forgot to include the plastic cards needed to cast electronic votes when they prepared green canvas bags for election judges. The mistake -- discovered 45 minutes before polling places were to open -- delayed thousands of voters and sparked calls for the top two Elections Board officials to resign or be fired.
He said he doesn't know how the 13,000 blue-and-white access cards got left out of the voting materials assembled in the Board of Elections warehouse last Friday. The cards should have been in the security bag, which remains zipped and fastened with a red plastic padlock until 6 a.m. on primary election day, he said. The sealed bag contains passwords and other sensitive material.

Now, perhaps this is just an innocent mistake. Perhaps. And, perhaps George Bush is a compassionate conservative after all.

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