October 08, 2006

Senate Prediction

As of now, this is pretty much how I see the Senate races. Based on pollster.com results.

All in all, New Jersey and MO are still toss-ups. I think VA has lost its momentum, HOWEVER, there are reports that more racial slurs are going to come to light. If that happens, then this race could become closer again. The good news for us is that New Jersey hasn't elected a Republican to Senate since 1972. I still believe, in my heart, that NJ will go blue, which gives us 50-50 at the very least. MO is a Republican Senate seat and the race is close, close, close. In my opinion, the ONLY way we win this seat is if the religious right GOTV operation stays home out of frustration. 51-49 sounds so much better than 50-50, although I have my doubts that Joe will caucus with Dems if he wins and we sit at 51-49. I think he pretends to be all bipartisan and caucuses with Rs to even out the Senate.

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