October 04, 2006

My house...

is the one with the car in front, in the middle.


Robert P said...

Is this considered high density?

&y said...

Hey Robert P -- density looks pretty dern high to me. Of course, my neighborhood's just about as dense and I live in a twin (double density?)

Mostly just wanted to stop by to thank you for the comment over at my site yesterday. Thank you. I replied there ("it's not dead, it's resting"), then figured I might as well take a look at your site and comment "in person." The site looks excellent, by the way--you just made my list.

So if things go according to plan, I defend the miserable dissertation on Nov. 16. On or around that date, I'll fire Speaking as a scientist, etc. back up and recommence posting--as a real scientist. I'll also add CountryCrats to my list of link-pals in the sidebar. And I'll drop by here to let you know I'm back in business.

Thanks again for stopping by.