October 02, 2006

Latest Senate Polls

Here is a rundown of the latest senate polls:

  • Maryland, Ben Cardin (D) leads Michael Steele (R) 47% to 41%
  • Rhode Island, Sheldon Whitehouse (D) leads Lincoln Chafee (R) 42% to 41%
  • Pennsylvania, Bob Casey (D) leads Rick Santorum (R) 49% to 40%
  • Missouri, Jim Talent (R) is tied with Claire McCaskill (D) 43% to 43%
  • New Jersey, Bob Menendez (D) leads Tom Kean Jr (R) 44% to 41%
  • Washington, Maria Cantwell (D) leads Mike McGavick (R) 50% to 40%.
  • Virginia, George Allen (R-VA) is tied with Jim Webb (D) 43% to 43%.
  • Montana, Jon Tester (D) leads Conrad Burns (R-MT) 47% to 40%
  • Ohio, Sherrod Brown (D-OH) leads Mike DeWine (R-OH) 45% to 43%
  • Tennessee, Harold Ford, Jr. (D) leads Bob Corker (R) 43% to 42%
At this point, the caucusing numbers looks like this (Sanders (I-VT) and Lieberman (CfL-CT) expected to caucus with Dems):

That's right folks, we have 50 seats with the possible pickups in PA, RI, OH, MT, and TN (where Corker is handing us lots of scandal). Add to that tied races in two more states and it is starting to look like freaking Christmas around here. If the molestation scandal hits hard, then expect Allen's woes to continue as the Republican Party becomes the party of immorality and hatred. Or, more properly, the leadership of the Republican Party is finally exposed as immoral and hateful.

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