April 29, 2005

Social Security for the "Deal-Maker"

OK Mr. President, I have an offer. I'm not even sure my Democratic brethren will agree to this plan, but what the heck. Let's do your privatized/personal accounts. Let's do it. But, let's do it without cutting any benefits and without causing a huge deficit.

Let's put taxes back to where they were in 2000 for the next three years. But, keep spending JUST WHERE IT IS. No new spending except for 3% inflation per year. Take every extra penny and put it into a true "lock-box" for Social Security. This will save the solvency of Social Security, while at the same time allowing folks to invest a part of their Social Security.

I'm sure there are problems with this plan, but you know what? It doesn't matter. Republicans would never agree to a plan that didn't cut benefits. Republicans would never agree to a plan that didn't run the government into a deficit.

Because their goal is an end to all Government programs save Homeland Security and Defense.

Never Forget That.

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