April 20, 2005

Pork Barrel Projects are UnAmerican

CAGW press conference

How can Republicans support these programs, Democrats I understand, but Republicans? This is America, which made its place through survival of the most fit. Republicans are responsible for supporting this profit at all costs policy, while Democrats are responsible for keeping these barons from
killing too many workers in the process.

Pork makes no sense.

Pork projects do not go through the funding process. As a scientist, I cannot understand this. We have to apply and reapply for funding until we are found to be among the most competitive. Only competitive, well-presented, well-thought out projects survive the funding process. Pork projects can be poorly planned, poorly executed, and without merit. Their only strong suit being that they have the ear of an influential politician.

Some highlights from the Citizens Against Government Waste:
-13,997 pork barrel projects, an increase of 31 percent.
-$27.3 billion in pork barrel funding, an increase of 19% since last year.
- $212 billion in pork since 1991
-206% increase in Homeland Security Pork
-Alaska lead the nation with $985 per capita or 30-times the national average.

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