April 15, 2005

Robin Hayes, Bought and Paid For

I am saddened to discover that Rep. Robin Hayes of the NC 8th Congressional District is a member of Tom DeLay's bought and paid for gang. According to information collected by the DNC, Robin Hayes has collected over $42K from Ken DeLay's fund-raising machine.

Given the allegations that the money is tainted, it would behoove Rep. Hayes to give BACK that money until it is shown to be clean. Better to be safe than to be sorry when it comes to morals and your immortal soul, eh Rep. Hayes?

Of course, it doesn't stop there. What makes this worse is that given all the allegations and investigations into shady deals, our Rep. Hayes has decided to help protect Ken DeLay by contributing to his legal defense fund! Did that money come from his salary? Because I sure don't like to think that my tax dollars are paying for Ken DeLay's defense fund.

Shame on Robin Hayes, shame on Ken DeLay, shame on all these Republicans with low moral standards.

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