May 04, 2005

Take Down Robin Hayes

Okay Folks. It is time to take down these "Republican DeLites", who have no ideas of their own, but only tow the DeLay line. We are unfortunate enough to have one of the worse offenders here in our state - Rep. Robin Hayes.

Robin Hayes took almost $43,000 from Tom DeLay, and in return he helped pay for his legal funds and voted in lock-step with his anti-American legislation. We must start now, before the rush, we must raise money and raise awareness. We must get men like Robin Hayes out of office before they do any more harm.

I propose that we bring Beth Troutman back for another go at this office. I don't know Beth personally, but a tour through her biography reads like this:
Growing up, I waited tables at my family’s restaurant, Troutman’s Barbeque.

In my younger years, I had the honor of serving as spokesperson for First Lady Nancy Reagan’s ‘Just Say No to Drugs’ program

I became active in the Cabarrus County D.A.R.E program and worked with local law enforcement officials to reach children in my community.

I attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, paying my way with scholarships and part-time jobs waiting tables and managing a clothing store.

I began the ‘Build A Dream’ foundation to help underprivileged children set goals and realize their dreams.

I spent a decade of my life working with kids to help them overcome drug addictions, low self-esteem issues, and bad home lives.

I was fortunate to get a ‘behind the scenes’ job with the television show ‘The West Wing’.

Coming home to run for Congress was an easy decision. Cabarrus County is, and always has been, my home.

The interests of the people of our district are being replaced by the interest of big business.

The needs of our constituents have taken a back seat to the personal gain of our elected officials.

Here at home, we believe in hard work, integrity, and standing up for what you believe in. Send me to Washington, and the values of the Eighth District will be well represented.

Why should we send Beth back to the plate? Let's look at some facts. In the last election, Beth won 45% of the vote against Robin Hayes. Not bad, considering that Hayes has been in office since 1998. He has a strong ground game and lots of favors owed him you can be sure. So, 45% is a pretty good showing.

Name on Ballot.............Party........Ballot Count
Robin Hayes.................REP...........125,070 (55%)
Beth Troutman............DEM.........100,101 (45%)

But wait, there is more. What kind of campaign did Beth get to run? A big high-budget affair like we expect in such a competitive race? No, afraid not. Hayes raised almost $1.7 million, while Beth only raised $231K.

Why? Huh? Where was the party? I don't know. But, I do know this. Hayes needs taken down and perhaps Beth Troutman, with a few million in her coffers, could do the job. IF, we start now.


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Anonymous said...

Yes...while Beth did have a strong showing, let me make you aware of Tim Dunn, a Cumberland County native, USMC war vet & still in the reserves, local attorney, upstanding Presbyterian elder, great family man and the list goes on and on...he's running...get on board