December 17, 2004

Tough Choices?

In a recent article on MSNBC, Which way ahead for Democrats?, several key issues were raised.

1. The War in Iraq, should Democrats call for the withdrawl of U.S. Troops?

2. The Bush Supreme Court Nominees, should Democrats filibuster?

3. Social Security, what should Democrats do?

My responses:

1. We should call for the Internationalization of Iraq following elections, including equal business contracts for troop involvement.

2. We should filibuster the hell out of them. President's come and go, but the Supreme Court is for life.

3. We should point out the real costs of privatized Social Security at every point. We should call for realistic accounting practices for the U.S. Government now, while we are not in control. Let America see the real budget shortfalls, let them see the real costs of Social Security.

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