February 04, 2005

Lacking Worth

The Buck Stops Here - Remember That?
Donald Rumsfeld is a complete and utter loser. A man of decrepit moral values and an unwaving ability to say, "Not my fault." Who are these idjits that think they can hold the torch of moral values while refusing to take personal responsibility for their actions? George Bush as much as blames God for his actions, you know, he speaks with the Lord and gets direction from him. In other words, God made me do it.

And Rumsfeld?

“What was going on in the midnight shift in Abu Ghraib prison halfway across the world is something that clearly someone in Washington, D.C., can’t manage or deal with,” he said, adding: “I have no regrets.” Donald Rumsfeld

"The Buck Stops There" - A Republican Motto to Live By.

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