March 08, 2005

Are the Republicans Crazy?

Republicans just won the last election by energizing their base, which includes the wealthy, religious senior citizens, and rural whites. In addition, they pulled some minorities to their side based on religion and their "pro-life" stance (read: Pro-Embryo). So, now that they have complete power what do they intend to do?

1. Destroy Social Security with a plan that most Americans hate.
2. Attack the AARP, accusing this Seniors organization of being pro-gay marriage and anti-military. The AARP is the most influential lobbying group in American by he way.
3. Turn down a moderate increase in the minimum wage, which hasn't been increased since they took control of Congress in 1996.
4. Give themselves another pay raise ($28K in 7 raises over 8 years).
5. Give more tax breaks to wealthy individuals and corporations.

So, you are left to ask yourself, are the Republicans crazy? And, can we take advantage of it in 2006?

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