December 05, 2004

Pro-Life vs. Pro-Birth

The other day, someone at the DNC Blog posted an interesting point about who is truly pro-life and who is pro-birth. This relates back to the child health post I made earlier. Republicans should be categorized by Democrats as pro-birth, their only concern is about abortion. Democrats are truly the party of pro-life because we care about the entire life of a child.

Who wants to improve healthcare for children? Democrats.

Who wants to improve pre-K programs for children? Democrats.

Who wants to focus on abortion and discard the lives once they are born? Republicans.

Who wants tax cuts for the rich while our infant mortality rate drifts higher? Republicans.

Who wants welfare for corporations while children go hungry and malnourished in our own country? Republicans.

We are clearly the party of life, while Republicans can only claim to be the party of birth.


Anonymous said...

This post is forwarded from Lynda

Comments to Pro-Life vs. Pro-Birth

As a Democrat I can not say that I disagree with the comments made by you in
regard to this subject. However, I have always believed our stand on
abortion was based upon Pro-Choice. As I have often said to my Republican
friends, we stand by our right to choose. It is not "pro-abortion" but
"pro-choice" which is a big difference. As a woman I do not believe my
choice should be decided by the government. For some women, choosing to
have an abortion would be a dreadful mistake. This is a decision she should
be given the freedom to make between herself and her God. For other women,
choosing to have an abortion is a choice made in the best interest of
herself and the unborn fetus. If a woman so chooses to have an abortion,
the medical needs should be available. To do away with Roe v Wade will set
women back almost 50 years. It will reduce poor women who can not afford to
go where abortions are legal right back into illegal abortion houses, back
alleys and to some extreme ...dealth. For our Republican adversaries to say
that we advocate abortion is totally wrong. What is the healthcare plan for
all these extra babies to feed? Are the Republicans going to raise minimum
wage? Highly unlikely given that Bush has turned down signing a bill to do
so 3 times during his first presidency. Are the Republicans going to pass a
healthcare bill to cover the medical costs for theses families without
health insurance? Not likely given that Republicans fought for the special
interests, giving a $139 billion windfall to big drug companies and creating
a $46 billion slush fund for HMOs. Is this "educational president" going to
do anything else besides "talk" about quality education for our children?
Not likely given that the Republicans underfunded No Child Left Behind by
about $9 billion every year. Democrats do not advocate abortion as an
answer to birth control but an answer to the Right To Choose. We are
slowing losing our freedom in this country. They are sliding it out right
under our noses and the "uninformed" and the "ignorant" do not even notice!
Bush said from day one that this was the "beginning of the New World Order."
All the "angelic voters" who voted for him do not even understand what he is
talking about.

Robert P said...

A perfect example of why Republicans are pro-birth and not pro-life can be seen in Texas. The Child Protective Services is being blamed for the death of this poor girl. But, they have more than twice the recommended number of cases per case worker. They cannot get more workers because the state would have to raise taxes, and the Republican controlled government will not allow it. And so, children die.