December 14, 2004

The Party of "No" or "Know"

To my way of thinking, the Democratic party has sat back long enough and responded No. The time has come for Democrats to lead, in the way that only they can. We must leave behind the politics of confrontation, we must leave behind the politics of the antagonist, even when our numbers have reached their nadir. America has long been the land of hard-work, ingenuity, and common sense solutions. This is the well from which we must draw. Who better represents these American values than Democrats?

We must become the party of Know. We must show a better way by leading.

Can politics be avoided if both sides don't show up to play? Can we avoid the pettiness of politics by simply rising above? Can we talk directly to the American people? Is it possible to ridicule the policies of the Republican leadership while remaining cordial with our neighbors who are Republicans?

Many Americans want Statesmen to reappear in America, is there any way that the Democratic Party can become the party of Statesmen and not the party of special interests and polls? The party of America?

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