September 16, 2005

Truth and Politicians

Do as I say, not as I do.
Lesson 1 - Town Rules are for YOU, not for US!!!

Signs proliferate, despite Cary rule
Candidates' campaigns fail to follow the town's ordinance, but they don't face fines.

...Since the campaign for Town Council kicked off a few weeks ago, candidates have broken the town's sign ordinance 62 times...The town's politicians are supposed to follow the same rules that bar their neighbors from advertising their yard sales on telephone poles or dressing up like Uncle Sam and waving to traffic to drum up business. ...Most prefer not to talk about it. Ed Yerha, whose campaign has had 23 illegally placed signs confiscated by the town, professed ignorance at a recent candidates' forum.

"I have always been a supporter of the sign ordinance in Cary because I think it makes it as attractive as it is," he said as his volunteers stifled snickers. "Hopefully, we're complying as much as we can with that."

So, as much as you can? As much as you can. "I'm sorry Officer, I tried to comply with the DUI laws as much as I can, but that waitress was really cute, soooooo, I had to keep buying drinks."

..."To me, if you're running for Town Council, you need to obey the law," council member Jennifer Robinson said recently. "If these people are sincere, they should take down the ones that are illegally posted."

Amen, and I am sure that all the good people running for office will realize the error of their ways and immediately change their ways.

"I originally said, 'I will not put any in public right of ways,' " [Jack Smith] said. "But the absence of mine was just too compelling."

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Anonymous said...

the problem you speak of is true in NYC too.

I recently worked on a NYC Dem Primary campaign and we were the only one not to break the law about putting up signs. Even guys in offices that are specifically about law enforcement, like the district attorney broke the sign laws.
We have great photos of the Mayor standing with his crew of officers next to some signs illegal placed on a subway entrance.


I do think that law should be overturned but in the meantime-- play fair!

Last time my candidate ran, he did signs like everyone else but the day after the runoff election, which he lost, he got a huge fine from the city for hanging signs. They fined him personally, rather than his campaign as they were supposed to so he got it thrown out (he's a lawyer).