September 16, 2005

Smoke & Mirrors: Bush Relief Ends New Deal

There have been a number of diaries about the Bush Relief plan, but I haven't read one that has seen the true underpinings of the Bush Relief Plan.  This is everything the Neoconservative Movement could have hoped for - the End of the New Deal.

  • The President will live up to his promise.

  • The President will spend $200 Billion on Katrina relief.

  • The President will spend another $200 Billion on Iraq.

  • The Neoconservative movement will then have its wish, the destruction of the New Deal.

    What happens if the President gets his way and we spend all this money?  Do you think the fiscally conservative Republicans are going to forget about the balanced budget they want?  No, they can play right along with the Neoconservatives to make sure everyone get what they want.

    ...On Thursday, even before President Bush promised that "federal funds will cover the great majority of the costs of repairing public infrastructure in the disaster zone," fiscal conservatives from the House and Senate joined budget watchdog groups in demanding that the administration be judicious in asking for taxpayer dollars....That sore spot was rubbed raw earlier this week when Representative Tom DeLay, the House majority leader, suggested that the Republican Congress had already trimmed much of the fat from the federal budget, making it difficult to find ways to offset hurricane spending.

    Mr. Coburn called such a claim ludicrous and other Republicans took exception as well.

    "There has never been a time where there is more total spending and more wasteful spending in Washington than we have today," said Pat Toomey, a former Republican congressman from Pennsylvania and the head of the conservative Club for Growth. "There is ample opportunity to find the offsets we need so that this does not have to be a fiscal disaster as well as a natural disaster."

    Are you beginning to see it?  Sure, we'll spend $200 Billion dollars for businesses to build up the coast, paying sub-minimum wages.  In the meantime, how should we pay for it?  Well, I guess we will have to cut all those programs that poor people abuse.  At a time like this, we need to focus on those who have suffered real tragedy and turn out those who are just lazy.

    Where will they have their needs met?

    "It is my hope that my constituents will join me in making a contribution to a charitable organization.  The people affected by this storm desperately need our help right away.  A donation to the American Red Cross, the Salvation Army, or other charitable groups will help provide the resources necessary for these people to survive." Representative Virginia Foxx

    From the mouths of idiots, the plan.  How many times did you something like this from the President last night:

    Coast Guard and other personnel rescued tens of thousands of people from flooded neighborhoods. Religious congregations and families have welcomed strangers as brothers and sisters and neighbors.

    Before giving credit to the state or cities, or to private individuals, or even FEMA - he makes it clear that CHURCHES provide the help needed.

    This is how the New Deal will be lost - through the use of religious propaganda.  Who needs Medicaid or Medicare, your churches will take care of you.  Who needs welfare or food stamps, your churches will take care of you.

    This is it people - the fight for the New Deal.

    Our responsibility is to make this fight about the inability of the Neoconservative small government movement to keep a working government in place.  Our responsibility is to make everyone realize that tax cuts to the rich are to blame for the levees breaking.  Our responsibility is to make America see that Democrats, not Neoconservatives will protect ALL of our citizens, not just the rich, white citizens.

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