June 20, 2005

Who is Bill Faison, and when did he become a Republican?

I was just reading through a legislative roundup over at the Raleigh News & Observer, when I noticed something unsettling.

Bill Faison (D) from Orange County voted against EVERY Democratic agenda item mentioned, and WITH the Republicans on every item. The Democratic voters are italicized.

STATE BUDGET ACT (Senate Bill 622, House Version): Makes base budget appropriations of $17.1 billion for current operations of state departments, institutions and agencies. Introduced by Sen. Linda Garrou, D-Forsyth. Adopted 62-58. Returned to the Senate for concurrence.

VOTING YES: Bernard Allen (D-Wake), Lucy Allen (D-Franklin, Halifax, Nash), Linda Coleman (D-Wake), Joe Hackney (D-Orange, Chatham, Moore), Verla Insko (D-Orange), Paul Luebke (D-Durham), Grier Martin (D-Wake), Mickey Michaux (D-Durham), Paul Miller (D-Durham), Deborah Ross (D-Wake), Jennifer Weiss (D-Wake), W.A. "Winkie" Wilkins (D-Durham, Person)

VOTING NO: Russell Capps (R-Wake), Leo Daughtry (R-Johnston), Nelson Dollar (R-Wake), Rick Eddins (R-Wake), Bill Faison (D-Orange, Caswell), James Langdon Jr. (R-Johnston, Sampson), Paul Stam (R-Wake)

* BUDGET AMENDMENT NO. 6: Eliminates additional funding for the Global Transpark through 2007. Offered by Rep. Nelson Dollar, R-Wake. Failed 37-82.

VOTING YES: Capps, Dollar, Eddins, Faison, Martin, Stam

VOTING NO: Bernard Allen, Lucy Allen, Coleman, Daughtry, Hackney, Insko, Langdon, Luebke, Michaux, Miller, Ross, Weiss, Wilkins

* BUDGET AMENDMENT NO. 9: Provides funding to counties to offset their share of Medicaid expenditures. Offered by Rep. Julia Howard, R-Davie. Failed 58-61.

VOTING YES: Capps, Daughtry, Dollar, Eddins, Faison, Langdon, Miller, Stam

VOTING NO: Bernard Allen, Lucy Allen, Coleman, Hackney, Insko, Luebke, Martin, Michaux, Ross, Weiss, Wilkins

So, who is Bill Faison and exactly why is he a Democrat? I can understand ONE vote here or there, but all of these votes? Isn't he also the man who was behind restructuring Orange County's Commission without the input of the county itself? A restructuring that would lead to more Republican input in the county? If Bill Faison wants to jump ship and become a Republican, more power to him, but he is obviously not a Democrat.

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