June 21, 2005

Is Charles Taylor Responsible for Slashing NPR and PBS?

The House has just voted to slash Public Broadcasting funding by $100 million, which is 25% of the total funding. This cut is MUCH larger than the cuts that are occurring in other areas of the budget, and as such represent a partisan attack against our national broadcasting system.
No other station has educational programs for your children, especially without the constant advertising breaks that destroy their ability to focus and learn.

For WUNC, the loss would amount to $400,000 less in CPB grants, general manager Joan Siefert Rose said. That represents 6 percent to 7 percent of the station's budget.

Rose said conversion to digital programming as well as capital improvements to the station probably would feel the biggest pinch. Spokespeople for the Triangle's other NPR affiliates, WSHA and WNCU, could not be reached for comment.

UNC-TV would lose $750,000 in CPB grants, spokesman Steve Volstad said.

Volstad said the station would also lose $60,000 in "Ready to Learn" program funding. The funds pay outreach workers to travel around the state and educate day care workers on how best to use UNC-TV as an educational tool.

North Carolina Representative David Price condemned these actions, however his counterpart on the committee, Republican Charles Taylor did nothing to end the cuts.

UPDATE: Funding for PBS has been added back to the budget by a bi-partisan vote of 284-140. Bipartisan everywhere but in North Carolina. Right-wing(nut) Howard Coble was the only Republican to cross party lines and vote for restoring Public Broadcasting.

Don't fall for Charles Taylor's new act as Moderate voice, he remains a right-wing(nut) Neocon who votes lock-step with Tom DeLay and his master Grover Norquist.

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