November 05, 2006

Hard Core

It was a cold and early Saturday in early November. The streets were empty, but the parking lot of the Planetarium was filling up at 8:55am. Why? Because Saturday early voting was about to begin. Yep, there was a line out around the statue of James Polk waiting to vote early. Which raises only one question, why?

There really aren't any races left to decide in Orange County and the state-wide judicial races usually aren't that big of a draw. But, there they all were, and the line continued to grow after 9am when the kids and I came out from voting. I saw a few people I knew, including Zabouti and John Gilmore, Dogwood Acres Chair.

As we waited in line the fella behind me muttered, "I wonder how you find out about these non-partisan races?" To which I responded with a flourish of my OCDP voter guide, "With one of these!" He was very thankful and especially when I showed him the cheat sheet on the back cover.

All in all it was a great experience, the kids sat on my lap and helped me fill out the bubbles, to feed the ballot into the machine and they received their "I voted" sticker for the umpteenth time. Voting is a family tradition, take your kids to vote and make it an exciting family adventure.

Oh, as to the title, to those who showed up at 9am in the cold weather to vote on a pretty unexciting ballot - you are hardcore and a good friend of mine.

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