July 19, 2005

Political Parties

This is a great feature in the Raleigh News & Observer.


Lawmakers supportive of the Conservation Council of North Carolina were treated to crab cakes, sushi, cheese ravioli and beer and wine at a reception Wednesday night in the Raleigh home of council president Nina Szlosberg.

The reception listed Speaker Pro Tempore Richard Morgan, Senate Majority Leader Tony Rand, House Majority Leader Joe Hackney and Rep. Jim Harrell, a Surry County Democrat who leads the House Environment and Natural Resources Committee, as special guests.

During the day, the N.C. Dairy Producers Association provided ice cream to lawmakers and their staffs as part of the annual milk chugging contest.

It's interesting. Normally the column covers gifts from major corporations and business interest groups, yet today the focus is on the Conservation Council. Look for an update on this page of what the Conservation Council is, what bills it supports, and the vote tallies.

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