November 26, 2004

Death Penalty

How do CountryCrats feel about the death penalty? I think many people have reservations about the Death Penalty, even if they support it. My personal opinion is that only the ultimate crimes would ever deserve the ultimate penalty. I believe the issue is a state's issue, however, I think there should be a Federal moratorium for one year so that all cases can be reviewed. Why? Because about 120 prisoners on death row have been released. That means 120 innocent or not guilty individuals were once destined to be killed.

Texas appears to be the worst of the worst with public defenders that SLEPT through the trials. As a father, I can't imagine explaining to my children why I would support killing someone who MIGHT be innocent.

What are your opinions?


tutu said...

I agree with you on this.
FYI: I'm new to blogging and don't really understand how it all works. Thank you for your comment on my hurling Jesus blog. I wanted you to know that I've responded to your question on my 12/3/04 entry. Have a nice Christmas season!

Robert P said...

Some facts:

It seems there are 183 prisoners on death row.

Each execution costs NC $2.16 million dollars compared to a non-death penalty case with a life sentence.

There have been 18 executions since 2000, for an average 4.5 per year.

In contrast, the average number of persons sentenced per year is 23, but with only 6 last year and 4 this year. On average, 18.5 more persons are sentenced each year than are executed.

However, it seems the state is voluntarily lowering the number of death sentences, based on new legislation.

Five prisoners have had their death sentence vacated.

Erudite Redneck said...

I am against the death penalty for one reason: I do not want the state to have the power to kill its citizens, period. Come to think of it, I don't want the state to have to power to kill anyone within its borders unless they are actually fighting this country and are caught in hot pursuit, in the legal sense.

Bein' a Southerner, however, I do believe in the he-needed-killin' law, as well as the he-needed-his-butt-kicked law. I do not, however, believe in vigilantism, i.e. racist types of vigilantes like the Klan -- OR academic-type idea vigilantes (thought police) who do so much to squelch debate and what used to be mainstream culture in this country.

What I'm sayin' is the make-my-day law in Oklahoma, which means that if you're in my house threatening me and my family, or my stuff, I can kill you, or if, say, we're at some barbecue joint-roadhouse, and you threaten me or my family with a gun, and I have a legal right to carry a weapon, I can pop you like the rabbits I used to shoot in the back 40 growing up.

--The Erudite Redneck:
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