November 01, 2006

How Google Bombing Worked

Let's say you go online to look into politics. Statistics say that most likely you are looking for information on a candidate. Who these people are that have internet access but don't know about the candidates, I can't imagine. Either way. You type in Robin Hayes because you keep getting flyers saying to vote for him, but you aren't so sure. You use Google because...well, everyone does. What do you get?

Hayes, Robin
Official web site for Representative Robin Hayes (R - NC, 98th District).
BORING old official web page. If you have insomnia, read an official web page.

Contact Cong. Hayes
Contact Congressman Hayes. As a member of Congress, I appreciate your input as a constituent of North ... Hayes statement on terrorist attacks - click here. ...
I have NO interest in contacting him, so skip this one.

Congressman Robin Hayes
Welcome to the Online Campaign Headquarters for Robin Hayes Congressman, 8th District of North Carolina. Welcome to my online campaign headquarters! ...
BORING old campaign web site. | Hayes is CAFTA foe no longer - 11:25am
"Robin Hayes ought to be ashamed," said state Democratic Chairman Jerry Meek. "Despite the fact he vowed to oppose CAFTA, Hayes caved in to Republican ...

WAIT A MINUTE! What's this? Robin Hayes vowed to vote against CAFTA then changed his vote, let me go read that story. The story is extremely unflattering of Robin Hayes and his flip-flop that cost NC soooooooo many jobs. Not only that, but it isn't an attack from the Democrat party web site, it is an attack from the News & Observer. Why did this article come up? Because of the google bombing brought to you by MyDD.

Thank you guys.


HenningQuinn said...

This is really interesting. I just read about google bombing for the first time the other day and was thinking that it seems ridiculous that people would use this to sabotage for other companies just to increase their own Search Engine Optimization rankings using some kind of bogus. But after doing some more research on it, it seems more common than I thought. Hopefully google figures out a way to put an end to this black hat tool.

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